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Arnica cream is my new best friend

Becky Brown
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25 Mar 2015

I have had two epic fails two weekends in a row.

Weekend before last I went out with my local cycle club with a friend. Now they could not have been a nicer bunch of guys but holy moly did they go fast! It was my first experience of riding in a pack and I just felt awful as I was so obviously slower then them and holding them back. In fact I had what could be termed a minor freak out and bailed out to find a station to get the train home abandoning my poor friend to hill climbs at high speed. It was a real wake up call with regards to my general fitness and I spent the rest of my Sunday wallowing in shame on the sofa with a packet of Jaffa Cakes and making lifestyle resolutions.   

So armed with said resolutions went out this Sunday for a ride up to town, around the docks, across the Woolwich ferry (another first for me) and then I made a very good impression of Wiley Coyote as road kill. I would like to accuse the kerb that came out of nowhere of wanton malice but I feel shifting the blame onto that inanimate object is probably a bit much. The railings attached to the kerb though, yep, it was definitely their fault. They are after all responsible for my blue left arm. And hand. And road rash covered left knee. I now understand why people say it burns. As crashes go it has been my biggest to date as an adult but after straightening out poor, poor wonky Doris, whose handlebars ended up in a very strange place - don’t ask, I limped onto coffee and cake in Greenwich. (For the shock you understand). Then … got the train home!

This weekend my aim, funnily enough, is to get back under my own steam. Doris was fixed for free by my lovely local bike shop and we live to ride together another day. I am currently moving like an arthritic 90 year old but hope to get out Sunday. Again. Third time lucky eh?



Thanks for the update Becky - you've had quite an eventful week!

I think it's fantastic that you're getting back in the saddle but make sure you take care of yourself this weekend and don't overdo it! I can totally understand your freaking out with the cycle club - totally understandable however don't let it put you off as the chances are there'll be riders there that are happy to go at your pace. Alternatively try and drag a couple of friends out for a ride and put the shoe on the other foot!

Have a good weekend and thanks again for the update. I hope the fundraising is going well too! :)