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(aside read with a geordie accent) Day three in the house !

Paul Lockyer
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26 Nov 2015

We are into day three when all the visitors start arriving, no peace now. Still hooked up to my Dave. (We had a skinny bloke at work he looked like "hat stand" similar to a drip stand hence the name Dave). I am getting into the routine now Obs every 4hrs !

Waking up to another day on Orsett Ward its busy with the staff helping everyone getting dressed, washed & making beds, first thing to do is take myself & Dave to the bath room for wash & shave etc. No showering for me at the moment what with having my cannula in. 

As the day goes on different members of my family come in & out, its nice to see everyone early on & for them to know whats up & where we go from here. My wife & daughter will need help from time to time so its good to know they are all there.

One evening that week we had such a big gathering of visitors and making so much noise that we were banished to the day room, talk about laugh I was hurting all over, I eventually had to make my excuses & sneek off to bed.

It was a special moment when my wife brought in some flo'ers.....

I remember one valentines day a short while back I went into the supermarket on my way home from work, I went to the check out telling the girl that my wife had given instruction NOT TO come home without any flo'rs... so just cover both bases I got plain & self raising, I duly took them home thinking I had avoided any trouble...  

Anyway my wife paid me back be returning this in hospital, my bags of flour on the shelf got some strange looks but I knew what they meant. I remember fondly the doc shaking his head every time he came by.

Day turns into night time soon enough & it all goes round again....

Monday the 29th July 2013...

I have to break this news to the people at work....

There is a another funny little tale to tell here...

One of the engineers at work is name was Luke McKenna he had such poor hand writting it was like a doctors ie you couldn't read it, his signature looked like Leukaemia so his nick name was Dr Leukaemia.

Enough waffling... At a time when I new those that needed to know would be in the office I sent an email saying "Unfortunately I hadn't been able to go on holiday as I was in hospital with "Leukaemia" the three people all read the email the same & thought what on earth was I doing in hospital at that of time day with Luke Mckenna... After reading it a couple of times they finally understood what I was telling them. I hadn't been working for company very long but they have been supportive of me from then on. Everyone got in touch and have been doing so ever since. 

Being Monday it was first day that a full team of Haematology doctors were able to see me, they were excellent and re-assured me that I was in the best possible hands. I had scans & Xrays to look forward to and the dreaded bone marrow sample to be taken. This actually isn't anything at all to worry about, talking to people about it since they are scared at the thought & have gas & all that. Be brave I tell it's no worse than drill at the dentist & I don't have anesthetic for that ! 

They pouced on me one afternoon when I was dozing for the bone marrow... nothing to worry about Mr Lockyer the nice doctor told me.. as he slipped on the bone... "sorry are you ok" (aside take a deep breath as you read) yes its fine I am ok"... doc... Are you sure ? again yes I replied (but I did add that sometimes I tell small lies). He was very good actually he talked me all through what he was doing. First one of them done they have been a breeze since, I always say no pain no gain !





Another fantastic blog Paul.

I really can't get over how similar your journey was in my ways to mine at the outset and it's strangely comforting to know that someone else went through similar.

I remember that bone marrow biopsy only too well - not a pleasant experience! Did you ever get to see the needle? I looked once just after being spun back round and couldn't believe the size of the thing.

Looking forward to the next installment.

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