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Atlantic Row 2013: Two hours in the life of Dan and Will

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22 Jan 2014

Dan and Will are nearly at Antigua, having rowed across the Atlantic in two-hours for the last 7 weeks. Dan says, "I'm rowing for two hours and then I have a break while Will rows for the next two hours. The only time this ceased was when we had the storm and were unable to row at all."

So here's what two hours looks like in the life of Dan and Will:


It's the middle of the night and Dan has been rowing for the last hour and fifty minutes. Will is resting in the cabin. Dan shouts that it's his turn, and keeps shouting until he gets a response. 


Will's five-minute warning. Dan shouts to him again.


Dan shouts to Will for the final time and he emerges from the cabin. They discuss the weather, and how Dan's found the row for the last two hours.


Dan has to line the boat up with the waves in order to make the changeover easier. Will goes over to the left-hand side of the boat, and as Dan gets up from the seat, Will takes his place and grabs the oars. Now it's Will's turn to start rowing. 

Dan throws his jacket and other kit into the cabin, and stays outside for a few minutes to dry off.


Dan heads into the cabin and grabs a snack. Everything they eat is cold and straight out of a packet. At this time of the night, it's usually a packet of cold porridge or rice pudding!


Dan shuts the hatch and strips off for a thorough wet wipe wash! He makes sure to clean off all the sweat from rowing hard, and then applies surgical spirit to the whole of his body - a painful experience!


Then it's time for Dan to get into his Sudocrem suit, that is, cover himself in Sudocrem. It's antiseptic and provides relief for his sore bum! His hands are chapped, so he covers them in emollient cream.


Finally it's sleep time for Dan. Zzzz....


Will shouts to dan that he has ten minutes until they change over. This wakes up Dan who's only had an hour and a half's sleep. 


Will shouts a five-minute warning to a yawning Dan.


Dan gets his final warning and starts making preparations to climb out of the cabin. 


It's Dan's shift again. Will tells him about the current weather conditions. Dan approaches the seat from the left as Will exits from the right and the whole thing begins again. 


Eat. Sleep. Row. Repeat.

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