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Baby no.2

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07 Jul 2015

So towards the end of 2011 we decided to try fo another child (OMG) - months went by and nothing happened!! so I re entered the GNR - this time mid Sept (2012) and we booked a family holiday to Salou in the July (2012) - as the monthss went by with no luck  - we got on with life - Chloe growing up - St.John contining to get his all clears.

July came - I was now very excited about our holidays - annoyed I was still not pregnant - we went to the Doctors to explain St.Johns health and they said it may be down to that - but they would look more after a year of trying! - 

Just beforee our holidays I went to visit a friend with Chloe - and felt the overwhleming need to eat otherwise I was going to be sick - could I be preganat - really a few days before my all inclusive holiday!! turns out yes I was!!




So happy that you were able to have another baby Victoria and that St. John was continuing to get the all clears after his treatment.

I love the way that you and St. John were so positive throughout everything. You sound like you have so much energy and drive!

Stay in touch and thanks so much for all your blogs and writing so openly and honestly about issues which people often look to avoid talking about. 

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