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Back on the Bike - 40 MILES!!!

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07 Jul 2015

After 2 weeks of work and personal travel.... (AND NO EXERCISE!!.... I don't think the T25, or the 8 min abs/bums/tums sessions in the hotel room really cuts it)...  flew back to London on the Friday night.... and up bright and early on Saturday morning to tempt the 40 miles round trip from Harrow to Windsor and back.

What a glorious week in London it has been (so I've heard.... it was raining in Sofia...)   so it was great to get a 27 degrees sunny day for my first bike ride in 2 weeks (the Aussie in me is shouting *YES* while the Londoner in me is screaming.... *it's toooooo hot to do anything!*)

Still haven't gotten over my nerves every time I start the bike ride... it took me a km or two to ease my nerves, get used to the road and bike again, and get my rhythm going.

Gotta love googlemaps cycle guidance though..... it took us bush bashing literally all the way out to Uxbridge.... hardly any asphalt riding... and 95% on either grass, trail or through a 20 cm gap in between blackberry bushes....  by the time we got to Uxbridge, my arms and legs looked like I've been whipped 1,000 lashes.... blackberry bush scratches everywhere!!! 

When we got to Uxbridge, we went down the Grand Union Canal and basically followed it to Windsor.

What I love about these rides is that there is always something to see..... what's around the corner....

This ride, my favourite was going through Little Britain Lake....  we saw a family of Swans swimming on the Lake... Parent at the front, Parent at the back.... and a bevy (group) of 6 cygnets swimming in between....

The ride wasn't the most efficient with all the bush bashing..... it was great for resistant training for the legs.... but an absolute disaster for our time.....  

The Canal ride to Windsor was 'quiet'....  trails were quite rough.... some parts were so skinny, it was a quick decision to get bush bashed or be at risk of ending up in the Canal (I chose scratches!!).....  it was interesting to see all the canal boats and what it was like living a canal life....  though being 27 degrees, I wouldnt want to be stuck on a canal boat!

It was such a sight when we were able to see Windsor Castle in the distance....  we were almost there!!

Googlemaps took us through the 'grand' entrance into Windsor..... through Eton College...  where we saw a young man being photo graphed.  I thought it was for his wedding, but it was him in his 'uniform'..... !!

Cycling up Eton 'high street' was so lovely - British flags on either side of the street, with summer flowers in full bloom.

We found a pub along the river and stretched our legs and ordered a well deserved NON-alcoholic drink... had a nice light lunch.... then got our token 'Cycling for Blood Cancer' photo in front of Windsor Castle, then headed back to Harrow.

This time round we took another route home to avoid the bush bashing.... this took us through the main canals majority of the way back to Harrow.

Tired but feeling very accomplished, we ticked off our first 40 mile ride.

Hoping to stretch it a little bit more next weekend!!!!

This week we finally gotten around to sending emails to friends, family and work colleagues... and our fundraising is now looking a lot more positive!!!!  Thank you everyone who have sponsored so far!!!!


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