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Back From Holiday, Feeling ....Fine?

Paul W
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04 Aug 2014

It's been nearly 4 weeks since my diagnosis of CLL and my life seems to have returned to some sort of normality.

Those who I want to know, now do so. Gone are the explanations to people, the awkwardness and the way the news of my condition has bought a few family, friends and work colleagues to the brink of tears.

I've just returned home from a week's camping holiday in Derbyshire. Proper Bakewell Puddings/Tart, walking round dales, up hills, down caverns, cable car rides, tram rides and walking across treetops and sliding down slip lines on Go ape were just what I needed.

For that week I was Paul. Husband, father, son in law, brother in law, uncle. Not Paul, living with CLL and worrying about what the future had in store for me.

Eating most of my meals outside, fresh air, decent beer. It was sad to come home again.

Ok, so perhaps I did get a little more breathless than normal and tired quicker but I sort of expected that really.

I've just got my next clinic appointment date. It's in a months time. My first appointment since my diagnosis.My first idea of  how things are progressing.....

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