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Bay Construct Support Cancer Awareness Month

Royston A
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02 Oct 2014

Our corporate partner Bay Construct supported Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September by changing their website  banners to gold and also attended our Downing Street reception with Samantha Cameron. This fantastic event engaged with a cross section of our supporter base to raise awareness that though we have made amazing progress in beating childhood blood cancers, there is still a long way to go.

Bay Construct was represented at the reception by Paul  and Jane Sanderson and you can read about their experience here:

Bay Construct continue to fundraise for our charity with Site Manager PJ Kalis gearing up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2015.    



Thank you so much Bay Construct for all your support and helping us to spread awareness during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

I had leukaemia when I was younger and whilst the treatment was successful it took a part of me with it and I now have a degenerative lung condition as a result. The more that we can do to raise awareness for the need to fund new treatments so that patients can go on to lead perfectly normal lives after blood cancer, the better.

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