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Bay's very own Triathlete!

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01 Jun 2015

A message from Dan and how he did at the 2015 ITU World Triathlon London!

A message from Dan and how he did at the 2015 ITU World Triathlon London:

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported me doing the London Triathlon and donated to the Bay Construct Help Beating Blood Cancers initiative.

As well as the race itself the day presented a number of other challenges including:

• Getting to London in good time
• Nearly ripping the bike off the roof of the car while driving into the multi-storey car park next to Cumberland hotel
• Being knocked off the bike by some lads playing American football on my way through Hyde Park
• As a result of that, having to fix a bent derailleur and broken chain on my bike (this could have stopped the whole thing!).
• Stripping off to birthday suit and getting changed out of normal clothes in to tri suit and wet suit in view of the several thousand general public, spectators and competitors
• Squeezing my ever increasing gut, a** and thighs into the wetsuit and zipping it up the back by myself
• Getting pre-race nerves and performing a Houdini act in the porta-loo to remove wetsuit and all in-one tri suit to relieve said pre-race nerves (yes, a number two) and getting it all back on again.
• Performing a second Houdini act for a number 1, 10 mins before the start
• Losing my phone, then realising I had stuck in the pocket in the back of the tri suit before I had put my wetsuit on (Houdini number 3)
• Trying to find the race start without my glasses on and working out which colour wave I was in (I’m also colourblind).

I realised later I might need some help next time I do this although I am now near expert level at putting on and removing a wetsuit, especially when nature calls.

Despite all the potential show stoppers I managed to start the race on programme and completed the swim, cycle and run in a time just over 57 minutes, passing 3 people on the swim, 49 on the bike and 18 on the run  with an average cycle speed of 17 mph and a run pace of 7 min / mile.

Overall position was a respectable 48 out of 216 and finished 5th in my category of men 40 – 44. (and no I’m not really 26). Good job the Brownlee brothers are in a different category.

I’ll post some photos as soon as I have some and thank you for your continued support to our charity.


Congratulations Dan, and thank you for your efforts in fundraising!

Photos to be posted soon.

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