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Be brave..... stay strong.... Worst words to hear.

Karen F.
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04 Apr 2016

A thought about hearing those words from someone who have heard them again and again.

Everyone stays keep strong, be brave etc.. But I'm going to say something else... Allow yourself to feel ... Allow yourself to cry, to throw a hissy fit... Do as you want!  I many times looked at the serenity prayer... It's the Motto for AA and many things.  I'd you don't know it, look it up.  It states (non-denominational)  Give me the strenghth to control what I can, strength to accept what I can not, and know the difference between the two.   I summed it up but it is so true to our fight as well!  Control what you can... how you deal with the situation, who you see, what you eat/do, throw a hissy fit like a three year old that it's no fair (because it isn't!) ect.  All we can do is accept we have no control over the disease and know the difference.  I know people say be strong/brave.. You ARE already these things!  So no need to say it!- I think it is the either persons' need to say something, that these common phrases come from.  So don't be brave or strong... (At least not always). But that goes without saying.   We are strong because we have to be, an we are brave because there is no choice.  This is one roller coaster we wish we never got on, and there is no emergency brake or even getting off at the end... There is no end.



How very true.  It's important to remember, we are never as strong as when we need to be.  Keep your strength up.

Eleanor Baggley

A very heartfelt and truthful post, Karen. Thank you! Too often people need to be reminded that it is ok to not be ok. Here if you need us! Take care, Eleanor

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