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Becca's Big Day Out

Rebecca J
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12 Jul 2014


Today was my first time of having day leave, so we looked up local parks and chose Sir Harold Hilliers Garden to go and explore. Unfortunately Daniel couldn’t come as he had just gotten the live flu jab and a cold, meaning that he has to stay clear of me for a while. I was feeling a little bit out of sorts before we left and as we were driving but I shook it off and pressed on because I wanted that fresh air and freedom so badly. Turns out this was probably not the best idea as we didn’t even make it 10 metres from the car before I was throwing up into one of the sick bowls we’d taken from the hospital (cue running towards the bushes for privacy!)

After that incident I felt better so we went for a walk in the gardens. They were gorgeous even at this time of year, with hundreds of interesting plants and sculptures and a quaint pond we could stroll around at leisure. Everything was more green than I was expecting, but there was an Autumnal feel to the fallen leaves and chill in the air. There were older couples and younger families traipsing round the gardens and it was so nice to just walk among them like everything was normal, like I was just an average girl on a day out with her parents.

We attempted to eat lunch back at the garden centre (one chip and I felt queasy so we soon gave up on that!) and then eventually started to walk back towards the car. Uh oh! Deja vu. I just about choke out “Mum. It’s going to happen” then she jumps into action. She calls out to dad who is wandering ahead with my bag “ALUN. GIVE ME THE BOWL”. They scarcely manage to scramble the other bowl out from my bag, shove it under my nose and plant themselves either side of me before it’s happening again. We covered my little ‘sitch’ pretty well I think and no passers by had to witness anything terrible, only my poor parents saw anything icky.

Another drive took us back into Southampton and through the dock which was cool to see up close, then we sat in the car on the waterfront watching the boats go by for a bit just chatting.
So the day would have been even more lovely if I had been feeling better, but I cherished the chance to get out of the same four walls and talk to my parents like an ordinary family. Hoping that I feel completely fine tomorrow and if so I will be able to go home again! My calendar at home is still on August so I can’t wait to get back and sort all my stuff out. I’m also looking forward to playing my guitar again and just sitting in my bedroom and doing what I want! Fingers crossed I feel well enough for a proper roast dinner as well! I’ll let you know how sunday goes tomorrow evening, happy weekend people!

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