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Ed B
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28 Apr 2014

Right then, a bit about me! I'm an overweight 31 year old bloke that hasn't really done a huge amount of exercise since leaving school (nearly 15 years ago).

I played a lot of rugby as a teenager but a recurring knee injury put a stop to any hope of a gliterring Premiership / England career. After I stopped playing rugby I discovered a new sport at Universiy that involved booze - great fun but not the best thing in the world to help keep you in shape. Despite trying various sports I've really one that I enjoyed as much as rugby and I've slowly become fatter and well, er fatter.

That said, I'm not a complete couch potato. I do try to cycle the 10 miles home from work a couple of times a week and occasionally play badminton after work on a Tuesday evening and do the odd bit of off road cycling when I get chance. I'm not very good at any of these things but I enjoy them nonetheless.

The other day I saw an advert for the Birmingham Bikeathon on the internet and thought it sounded like a suitable challenge that would get me back in the habit of doing some more regular exercise. On Friday 25th April I signed up to do the 52 mile route at Birmingham's Bikeathon later this year in September. I'll be doing the ride on Trevor, a 2014 Trek Crossrip Comp.

My fiancé, Beck, was going to join me but sadly can't as she'll be away on the weekend of the ride. I will however have company in the form of Mr. James Leo on the day of the ride which is brilliant as I didn't fancy doing it on my own.

I will be training for this as this is probably the furthes distance I've ridden in one go. Beck has offered help me train so we'll be out every other night and putting some long miles in over he weekends over the next 20 weeks.

I'll try to keep a record of my training and progress in this blog as the weeks go by.

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