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The Beginning

Martina G
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12 May 2014

So, was donating to a colleague who is doing a run for an equally good cause and thought that I really would like to do something big, something challenging and something out of my comfort zone. The chance to get fitter (actually fit as I'm kidding no one here) would be a bonus so I googled (as you do) leukaemia research to see whether they had anything on. As you know by now, what I owe these guys is beyond measuring. I was very excited to find out about the bike ride in my hometown, London and thrilled to discover that the route would be going by St Paul's (two minutes walk away from Barts hospital which became Ollie's second home). It was a no brainer, I had to sign up.

Now decisions had to be made. What distance, 26 or 100 miles? Actually that was never a question that entered my head. I knew I'd need support, I'd be a chicken on my own afraid I'd fall and start a domino effect on the starting line or get lost and end up God forgive somewhere south of the river and be cycling for days until I'd see a sign for Walthamstow.   Thankfully, via Facebook some very generous family and friends answered the call. Thank you Carron, Moyra, Katy, Rob, Sheila, Heather, Kevin, Sile and Andy - legends all! Hope we'll be joined by some more soon.  The next important decision was what to do when creating the charity page. Those who know me well know I keep things close so it was a big and emotional thing for me to be so open and share my reasons for doing the ride. I'm glad I did though. I'm glad because I was able to tell Ollie what he means to me (ok, I didn't tell him, I just shoved the iPad at him and said 'Read this').

So, here we are then. One day after signing up and the strenuous regime has started. Did some stretches (it was raining outside)! Will begin in earnest tomorrow though rain or shine, I promise. Will aim to post here every now and again for posterity ( if I don't believe in myself who will?), for now though goodnight and thank you x



Hi Martina,

Thanks so much for sharing this blog. I'm doing the London Bikeathon too and opted for the 52 miler. Like you I owe the charity an awful lot as I'm only here thanks to the amazing progress that's been made in the treatment of CML patients in recent years.

I think what you're doing is fantastic and I really hope that your husband is doing well. All the best witht the training and keep us updated with how you're getting on with the training - it'll help motivate me to get on the bike if nothing else!

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