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The Beginning

Neil H
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27 May 2014

As I have stated on my main fundraising page I have recently invested in a new road bike and have set myself the challenges of a 52 mile bikeathon around London at the end of August. In recent months I have become quite lazy, but on the upside as of the 29th May I will have quit smoking for 5 weeks. This together with the laziness has meant I have put on a little weight, not a huge amount but enough to notice in the mirror and some

I am currently on a lovely 1 weeks holiday off work which is well needed, my current job is an assistant manager for a 24 hr cafe in Londons Soho called Balans Cafe. It would have been nice to have had nice sunny weather to get some cycle practice in, however is raining and forecast for the rest of the week and my available time is the same :(

As you can probably think, my hours at work are going to be a little anti social not to mention anti training. So I am going to have to work hard and even trains traight after a long night shift.  

My full on training will be starting when I get back from my holiday on the 2nd June. I have even shopping today 27th May and bought some new trainers, for cycling, gym and running. (They are sooooo comfy) see attached photo.  Plus if you have big feet like me uk13/14 trying to find nice trainers is hard. I have down loaded an app for my iPhone called MapMyRide so I can post my training routes and on the day you can even follow my progress on line. 

So see you soon with further updates



Hi Neil,

Great blog! I'm in a similar position in that I haven't done much in the way of cycling and haven't really started yet. Quitting smoking and getting some new kit is a good start and you've still got plenty of time to get fit. In regards to training, I've found that the training guide is really helpful although I'm going to have to adapt it a bit to fit to my schedule.

I hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your training. 

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