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The beginning

Grant C
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14 Jul 2014

Boys will be boys

So John emails me one day with this idea to cycle the 100 mile London Bikeathon 2014 in aid of my granddad. Great idea... I've got a road bike (even though I don't use it), tick. Ah… John's not got a bike, actually he has, he was left one by the previous house owner, who in turn received the hand-me-down from Fred Flintstone. As you can imagine, it was funny listening to John trying to justify actually handing over money to the previous house owner for the bike. Problem 1: John needs a bike.

After a few weeks of persisting with the 'Dinosaur', and me constantly waiting for John to catch up, he bites the bullet and gets a new bike. Problem 1, tick...

So we set off on our first ride with the newbie, which lasts all but 3 minutes as I get a flat. Two fully grown men then take over 30 minutes to figure out how to pump up a road bike tyre. Whilst refusing help from another cyclist (because that’s what men do), we finally give in to the virtual instruction book which is YouTube. It still took us another 3 attempts before we could get the cap on without loosing air (that one might be down to me). We're off again... That is until about an hour later, when I fail to notice that half the road has disappeared into Satan's back yard and I hit a pot-hole that must have been created by a mole on speed. Problem 2, Grant has a puncture. Now I'd love to report that we learned from our earlier mistake, and went straight for the virtual instruction book. Oh no...we men don’t operate like that. We like to try and figure it out for ourselves, even if we are being bitten alive and are in a remote country lane expecting Leather Face from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to show us his new chainsaw. Needless to say we absolutely ballsed it up royally. So much so that, after using half a tube of glue (more glue, more sticky right?) we had ruined the inner tube. So what do all men do when there in trouble... We called John's wife to come and pick us up...

We're now 3 weeks into training, John has a new bike, I have a new front tire and inner tube (Problem 2, tick), John's wife has been told not to make any plans during out training and most importantly, we now have the YouTube app on our phones in case we cant figure it out in the first few attempts...

Grant & John



Brilliant blog boys!

I found myself laughing a lot reading this as I have encountered similar problems as a cycling rookie and like you guys responded in a similar way rather than swallowing my pride and asking for help. The result? An hour and half bike ride taking almost double the time!

Good luck with the rest of the training and all your fundraising efforts - I look forward to the next blog update.

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