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Beginning of July's training. Joining a cycling club.

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22 Jul 2015

July's training so far has really kicked up a level, joining a local cycling club has really helped me understand my level, and learn to ride in a group. I was really suprised at how much faster riding in a group is. Being able to shelter from the wind in the centre of the pack is defintely going to help in the tougher sections of the London to Paris.

3rd July, a 50km route home from work, averaging 29.5kmph, my fastest effort to date, with many Personal Records set.


8th July, a short easy route home from work, trying to keep my heart rate as low as possible.


The first ride out with the group couldnt of gone any better. It was a very large group, and we were constantly having to stop to re-group, allowing me to chat to people, and catch my breath whilst learning the etiquette of group cycling.


14th July, keen on varying my training, I did a two mile run on our treadmill. Which felt fine. UNtil the next morning my lower back was aching. Perhaps running shouldnt be attempted again until after Paris.

16th July, another short route home from work, this time, keen to see just how high I could get my average speed. Setting personal bests nearly all the way home, I managed 30.3kmph. My first ride of the year over 30k average, and I was feeling very happy.


The 2nd week out with Athlon Sport Cycling Club, was a much more relaxed affair, knowing how well I coped the previous week. We set out with a largish group, with a mixture of cycling abilities. It was clear after about 15km that the planned route wasn't ideal for some of the less experienced cyclists, and the decision was made to split the group. I stayed with the faster of the two groups, and even took my place at the front for parts of it, which is much harder than being sheltered in the pack.


For now, that is me upto date. I will try and blog more frequently upto the grand depart on the 17th September.

Thank you for reading my blog, and check back again soon for the next update. Cheers


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