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Being unstoppable - Phil King

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02 May 2012

This year we launched “The Unstoppables” a new name for our running team, which also brings together those taking on cycling, challenge, swimming and other sporting events.  We want all our fundraisers to feel part of one team with a common goal; that we will not stop until we’ve beaten blood cancer.

When we say our fundraisers are unstoppable, we really mean it and Phil King is no exception.  Phil will be running over 300 miles, the equivalent of about 11.5 marathons, in just 7 days (12th-18th May) from M&S Head Office in Manchester to the M&S Head Office in Paddington, London.  As if this wasn’t hard enough, he’ll be running via Coventry, Neasden, Enfield and Stratford, London.

Phil has kept us up to date with his training and fundraising and is doing incredibly well running 20 miles most evenings and 45 miles on Saturdays.  He has endured all weather conditions, from the snow we had at the start of the year, to the heatwave that followed and, more recently, the torrential rain and wind that has swept across the country.  Whatever the weather, Phil is unstoppable.

With the amount of training and fundraising Phil is doing, this challenge has really taken over his life and we can’t thank him enough for all he is doing to help beat blood cancers.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the companies and organisations who are sponsoring Phil, and Phil’s mother for donating her handmade cards, which have now raised over £100.  We are also very aware of the support his girlfriend, Norma-Jean, is providing Phil and the charity so we send huge thanks to her.

If you would like to support Phil to help him reach his goal,you can donate on his JustGiving fundraising page and keep up to date with how he is doing on his new blog.  Phil is due to finish at M&S Head Office in Paddington at 4pm on Friday 18th May. If you are available, I am sure Phil would love for you to be there to see him finish his epic challenge.

Good luck Phil from all at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.



Phil finished his running challenge on Friday afternoon in Paddington, London, just 7 days after starting out in Manchester. It has been an incredibly tough journey physically, mentally and emotionally but he has remained unstoppable to the very end. On Tuesday, Phil had miscalculated the distances when planning the route and instead of it being about 45 miles, he actually ran 56 miles. It was also the day that the wind and rain swept across Britain and he had to climb over hedges to get around some flooded areas. Phil and Norma-Jean called me that evening to update us on their progress; whilst Phil had found it very difficult with his feet being black and blue, his ankles cut , and feeling exhausted, he was in really high spirits and just kept saying that it was nothing compared to what those affected by blood cancer go through each day. He was also looking forward to an "easy" day on Wednesday as it was only 40 miles! A team from LLR went along to congratulate him on Friday along with family, friends and colleagues at the M&S office in Paddington. Everyone raised a toast to Phil, Norma-Jean and the incredible challenge, completely in awe of what he had achieved. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported Phil and of course, to Phil and Norma-Jean for their passion, commitment, dedication and determination to complete this amazing challenge and raise such an incredible amount of almost £5,000 to help beat blood cancer. 

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