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Beyond Fundraising

Ed J
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09 Apr 2015

Who am i? What am I? Where am I to go?

Hello again, loyal fans and readers!

Recently, I have been putting together the official concert programme for the official #STRENGTH Milton Keynes Leukaemia Concert, which (if I may remind you) takes place on Saturday May 23rd at Shenley Leisure Centre, and is accepting donations at www.justgiving.com/2015concert.

Each year, the plans for this programme have become steadily more ambitious. These ambitions have manifested themselves this year in a Marvel Comics theme. Liechtensteinesque Pop-art graphics and speech bubbles abound, but one question kept recurring...Who am i? What am I? Where am I to go?

Erm, three questions kept recurring...Who am i? What am I? Where am I to go?

A photo-call at the iconic Bletchley Park formulated the quandary that was staring at me head on - what do fundraisers do when the inspiration well runs dry?

Well, I reasoned, this leukaemia concert organising game is potentially the hardest game in the world. You can put the best-laid plans into place - great bands playing great music, a variety of styles and genres to send everybody home entertained, great auction items, great raffle prizes, a great concert MC and a great DJ to keep the flow of the evening going whilst different bands change over, a great programme and great catering - offering other outlets that give the punters something tangible in return for their money, great sponsors and advertisers, a great venue providing a just-so ambience and atmosphere...but ultimately the success of the evening is mentioned in pounds, shillings and pence. And this pressure is like a runaway freight train. What if it becomes too much?

So, it was at Bletchley Park where I was forced to face these aforementioned three questions. And then it hit me - yes! When the leukaemia concert organising game became too difficult to play up, play up and play the game I would become a codebreaker, and single handedly win World War II by sinking U Boats. Yes! I would contact MI5 immediately and become a codebreaker! Yes! Oh yes! A codebreaker!

Unfortunately I couldn't unlock my mobile phone's code, and missed the chance to send in my application. Dejected, I exited. Through the gift shop.

See you on Saturday May 23, at Shenley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes. Should be a hot one!




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