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The Big Copper Count-Up returns to Burton Primary School

Danny Redhead
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03 Jun 2015

Burton Primary School are giving a home to the Big Copper Count-Up for the second time having already raised over £300 when housing the tower at the end of 2013.

Each of the pupils at the school will be receiving a leaflet about the Big Copper Count-Up to achieve a greater understanding of our cause and where the money goes. The school is a great supporter of our cause and many of the pupils already have a fantastic understanding of the work of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and understand the importance of the charities work.

"The children all know about James and his legacy" said Julie Balderson, Business Manager at the school.

"Many of them would have been too young to know him now, but they all know his story and understand the importance of the charities work due to the close connection we maintain with the Winterton and District Branch and the various activities we continue to do in school to keep his memory alive."

The school previously attempted to achieve a mile of pennies in the playground but fell just short. With the return of the Big Copper Count-Up they plan to give the challenge a second go and are determined to reach the full mile.

"It's infectious watching the coins build up in the tower." Julie continued.

"We were about six inches shy of reaching the top last time so we are determined to fill it this time, and the children are really focused on achieving the full mile with the pennies challenge."

The school have used the mile of pennies challenge as an opportunity to create a learning project for the year six pupils that they can physically relate to. The pupils will be involved in planning the mile of pennies event by calculating how many coins will be needed to reach a mile in length and by working as a team to try and achieve the mile of pennies.

The 4ft tower arrived at the primary school on Thursday 21st May and will remain there until the end of the summer term.