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Jennifer D

The big day is drawing close!

Jennifer D
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Jennifer D
04 Mar 2015

Now that your race is almost here, you’ll want to really hit the fundraising hard and make sure you’ve explored every avenue as your challenge starts gaining momentum.


As always, to aid you in all things fundraising, here are some great ideas and tools to make sure you get the most out of this month.


1. Online giving pages
We all know and love these little gems, but how to best use them? I’ve listed a couple of my top tips below to get the most out of your online donors:

  • Monday 8-10am is the prime time for people checking the internet and emails (most likely so they can ignore their work!) so use this as the best time to update your page, post it on social media or email it round to everyone you know and get a guaranteed response.
  • Upload a picture so everyone can see your smiling face in training, it gives them a personal connection with your fundraising – and may even make them donate more!
  • Set yourself a target so all your donors know what they can give towards. When you hit your target, you can even up it again to keep the donations coming and avoid complacency.

2. Easter egg hunt
It’s Easter at the beginning of April, and with those extra days off work you have a great excuse to set up an Easter egg hunt! Make it a family day out by holding the hunt in your garden or your local park with real chocolate eggs, asking people to either pay an entry fee or donate to your page.

3. Car treasure hunt
For the adults, a chocolate Easter egg hunt may not be quite so enticing. Change it up by giving teams a list of things to either collect, take a photo of/with, or do in your town so they can be part of the hunt as well. Charge each car an entry fee and give a small prize to the winner.

4. Night in
With your training in full swing, setting up a big event might feel like a bit of a hardship – but have no fear! Why not plan a low key night in for a chance to catch up with friends and family, eat, drink and be merry? Charge an entry fee or ask for donations to cover your costs, and hopefully by the end of the night, everyone will be feeling a little extra generous.

5. Race night
It may seem like a lot to do, but organising a Race Night is an easy event that is a sure-fire fundraising machine! Click here for a step by step guide of absolutely everything you’ll need to make yours great.

That’s all from me, but thanks again for your amazing fundraising efforts so far. Keep your eyes peeled as we have a brand new digital fundraising guide coming soon with even more ideas.

Plus, if you’ve had specific success with one of your fundraising ideas, post it to the Unstoppable Runners Facebook group or post a comment below to encourage everyone! Together we will beat blood cancer.



Some great ideas here Jenny - I like the idea of a Race Night!