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Big distances

Scott W
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25 May 2015

There's been a few miles put in since the last time we spoke!

It's been a couple of weeks and reading back through my old blog posts reminds me of the journey that I’ve already gone through. From struggling to complete 5 local miles, to scaling Mont Blanc (I'm sure it was there!!) on my way to Bridgnorth, to powering through 35 miles on a lazy Bank Holiday Sunday; I've come a long way, figuratively and literally!

The family and I received our fundraising packs over the weekend and seeing the appreciation for our efforts coming from Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research was touching. When I'm struggling with a 10% incline or I feel like my legs couldn't possibly pedal anymore, I take comfort and find the determination, knowing that I'm not just cycling a long way on my bike, I'm doing it to help save others. There's been a few emotional bike based moments but I've still got my resolve!

Next week's training miles will see me edge ever nearer to the 52 miles I've got to ride on the big day. I think I'm going to need to stock up on bananas and energy gels!

If you feel like you want to help out and pay to see me suffer more (and help to fund life saving research!!), my donation page can be found here. Have an ace Bank Holiday weekend y'all!!



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