10 Aug 2015

My reasons for this years last minute event!

My middle name Christopher was given to me in memory of my dad's best friend.


Sadly Christopher lost his lif to Leukaemia aged just 18.


My Dad has always been a big supporter of leukaemia & lymphoma reasearch. The advances in medical science may well have saved Christophers life if he were here today.


My middle name's important to me. I always like to think that I can represent Christopher in some way throughout my life.


Those who know my Dad will no doubt know he has next to no Knees left! 


This may be his last time to cycle the London Bikeathon and it will be great to do it together.


Stacey and I donated half the target we wished to raise as it is last minute and an event I'm looking forward to doing.


If you wish to donate feel free and thank you it really does go a long way.


One day no-one will have to lose a loved one too young.







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