Bilsborrow Young Farmers Club raise amazing £1458!

06 Jan 2015

What a great to start to the New Year for Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Branch! We were invited to the Bilsborrow Young Farmers Club's first meeting of the year to give a talk on the work LLR does as a whole covering research and it's advances and the fund raising we do locally. We had a great Q&A session with some really good questions and then the evening culminated in the presentation of a cheque for a fantastic £1458!

The money was raised from the Bilsborrow Young Farmers Annual muck haul which involved taking 8 trailer loads around the surrounding area to sell and their annual Dinner dance. 



Well done to everyone involved at the Farmers Club! As a leukaemia survivor myself I cannot thank the efforts of people like them enough as I wouldn't still be here today without their efforts to raise the money that has enabled researchers to develop the drugs that made me better. Keep up the good work!

I hope you're well Steven and had a good Christmas - here's to another year of beating blood cancer!

Ellie Dawes

Amazing, well done to everyone at Blackpool, Fylde &Wyre! I have never heard about the fundraising muck haul before, brilliant idea.

Yes a fantatstic effort! Yes without the fundraising I wouldn't be here today either.

I'm really good thanks and had a great Christmas, I hope you're well and a had a good break - Indeed!

Thanks Ellie we just picked up the cheque all the hard work was done by the Bilsborrow young farmers! Yes it is a great idea they do it every year.


I had a fantastic break thanks Steven and have come back refreshed and ready to go again for another year of beating blood cancer. 


As the saying goes... where there's much, there's brass!