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Biopsy Results

Tammy A
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24 Apr 2015


Received very good news today from my biopsy earlier this week.  I am 100% Engrafted and Cancer Free.  I am very relieved.

This may sound wierd, but, I am very relieved with the news, but, not over joyed with happiness.  All I want to do is cozy up with a blanket and sleep.  I won the 400M, but, I am still in training to win the 800M, 1600M and 3200M.  If you were a runner, you will understand the analogy...

Such a mental and physical battle that is hard for others to relate to.



Hi Tammy,

This is absolutely fantastic news although I can totally understand why you're not jumping for joy just yet. As you say there is still a long way to go for you both physically and mentally and the after effects of treatment and the impact they can have are often overlooked. Do stay in touch and remember that we're here to help in any way that we can if you need someone to talk to or are looking for some additional support.

We put up your original post on Facebook on Sunday which went down really, really well and received some really lovely comments and feedback which might cheer you up: https://www.facebook.com/beatingbloodcancers/photos/a.426601478242.21463...

Stay positive and remember that you're a real inspiraiton to us all!