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Birdie Bonds

Thomas Preston
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Thomas Preston
11 Feb 2011

Just take a second. Remember that 15-footer dropping into the cup with that distinctive "clunk" sound? Remember that 20-yard chip that bounced once, then twice, then arrowed towards the pin? Ah the joy of the birdie - satisfying every time to the high-handicapper and world number one alike - what a feeling!

We would like you to have that feeling a lot more and celebrate whilst helping people of all ages that are touched by leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. 

Sir Ian Botham, President of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research says "We are appealing to golfers everywhere to commit to the Birdie Bond and make a minimum donation of £1 per birdie.  Whether it’s in the Club Championship, the holiday abroad or a practice round, just mark our special scorecard. When you have completed it, send us your donations".

Challenge your friends to complete your card quicker, complete a card amongst your morning four-ball, encourage your club to add it to the features of captain’s day or other big tournaments, there’s no end of ways you can help.

We all enjoy the achievement of getting a birdie. If you join the Birdie Bond, just imagine the additional sense of well-being you will have knowing that you’re helping thousands of cancer patients.

Please take part and sign up today. For more information call our Supporter Engagement team on 0207 269 9002 or email

How to raise your game

The Birdie Bond is being adopted by golfers all over the country in increasing numbers, and we are receiving ideas from contributors about how they are going about raising money. Here are just some ideas we think you might like to consider:

Going Solo

A golfer in Kent this year set himself a target of getting 18 birdies in six months. He made it with two weeks to spare. He is now targeting 18 birdies in 5 months!

Head to Head

Two similar skilled golfers in the Manchester challenged each other to get 18 birdies first, and put a small wager on the outcome to make it more interesting!  The winner kindly donated the winnings to the fund, with the 18 birdies and the close number of the second golfer, in excess of £40 was raised.

Group Challenge

A small group of golfers in Hampshire decided that they would try and raise £150 throughout the year by totting up their birdies in their Saturday morning roll-up. It looks like they may fall a little short this year, but have vowed to try even harder next year and pass that target.

A Day Out

Four golfers entered the Beaujolais Day tournament run each year by Donnington Grove Golf Club. The format is best two stableford scores out of four, but they decided they would add up all the net birdies they got during the day and donate £1 for each - added up to over £20 on the day!

Captain’s Challenge

John Nugent, the captain of Ealing Golf Club in West London, generously decided to adopt the Birdie Bond for his Captain’s Day tournament and raised around £150 just from golfers achieving birdies on the day.  Nice one John!

League Tables

A group of golfers of a variety of handicaps decided to set themselves a league table over the 12 months. For each birdie they scored they multiplied it by their handicap so that the better golfers had to get more birdies, as they should do anyway, to keep up. The league last year was won by an 18 handicap player beating a 7 handicapper into second place and a 20 handicapper in third. Try it out with your group.

Let us know how you have thought of other ways of incorporating the birdie bond appeal into your golfing life and send us some photos - just email

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