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Birmingham Bikeathon 2015: Download the full routes now!

Dan Henchman
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02 Jun 2015

Birmingham Bikeathon 2015 is fast approaching. We hope you're looking forward to it as much as we are. With just over a month to go, we're pleased to be able to reveal the details of all three routes!*

If you haven't signed up yet, join us! We've still got places available, and with three distances to choose from, Bikeathon is an achievable challenge for riders of all abilities.

We've worked hard to ensure that the routes are the best they can be – sticking close to last year's routes where possible after a lot of positive feedback – and riders will receive a printed route map on the day of the ride. In the meantime, here's a taster of what to expect:

The start

All routes (26, 52 and 100 miles) start and finish at Cannon Hill Park. The sea of red unstoppable cycling jerseys will be a special sight as ever! From here, we'll wind our way down through the suburbs and head out into the South Birmingham countryside together.

26 mile route 

The 26 mile route goes out to Tanworth in Arden and then back into the city, ending back at Cannon Hill Park. There’ll be a water station at 12 miles at Tanworth in Arden.

View and download the full 26 mile route from MapMyRide

Alternatively download the .GPX file at the bottom of the page.

52 mile route

The 52 mile route goes out through Ullenhall and down as far as Snitterfield, then runs back through the city to Cannon Hill Park. There’ll be water stations at 17 miles at Wootton Wawen and 33 miles at Lapworth.

View and download the full 52 mile route from MapMyRide

Alternatively download the .GPX file at the bottom of the page.

100 mile route

The 100 mile route goes out into the beautiful Cotswolds, all the way down to Broadway Tower and returns through the Warwickshire countryside to end back at Cannon Hill Park. The water stations on this route will be at Wootton Wawen at mile 17, Blockley at mile 47, Wellesbourne at mile 68 and Lapworth at mile 82.

View and download the full 100 mile route from MapMyRide

Alternatively download the .GPX file at the bottom of the page.

At each water station there’ll be snacks, hot drinks, bike repair services, first aid and toilets. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family along, even if they’re not riding, to cheer you on – we’ve got great music, food and entertainment to ensure a festival atmosphere at the finish. We’ve also started sending out rider packs containing all the information you need about the day itself – keep an eye out for yours!

We had a blast last year, and we’re very excited to be bringing Bikeathon back to Birmingham in 2015. Bring your friends. Make new friends. Join us and cycle to beat blood cancer.

*It’s unlikely, but there may be very slight changes to the routes. Any changes will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

**For some people, MapMyRide may show the climb in feet instead of metres (right number but wrong unit). Please note that the numbers we've given are for the climb in metres!



Any chance of getting hold of the routes in a .pdf? Would be good to show my sponsors just how far 50 miles is!



Hi Richard, I've attached the 52 mile map to the blog as an image file - will that do the job for you? Thanks and well done on your fundraising so far!


The 52 mile map even as an image file is not very clear on the actual route. Please can a better one be posted. Thanks

Elle Isle

Hi Roy, 

Have you been able to see the routes on the Map my Ride link? http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/679103468  - it works quite well as you can zoom right in.

There will also be a hard copy maps been given out on the day. 

Let me know if this works for you. 



Could you tell me if any roads are due to be closed off?

Many thanks


Hi Amanda,

No, there aren't any road closures this year. We did have Broad Street closed off for the start and finish venue last year but due to scheduled roadworks there we've moved to the lovely Cannon Hill Park.

We'd love to hold the whole ride on closed roads if we could, but sadly the cost implications of doing this would drastically reduce the amount we’d be able to raise, which would in turn mean we can make less of a difference to the lives of blood cancer patients.

We can’t promise there won’t be any traffic on route but we’ve done all we can to make all three routes as safe and smooth as possible - I hope this helps!

Dan (LLR)


hi i am having trouble downloading the gpx file to my laptop  form Jason Banner-Broadhead


Hi Jason, sorry for the late reply! Hope you didn't get lost and had a great day!

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