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Birthdays and festivities

Lucas S
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10 Dec 2012

Hi it’s Lucas with my latest blog.

Through November I haven’t been well with many different things due to my leukaemia. I am hoping to go to Lapland on Tuesday for the day but it depends on my blood levels because I am neutropenic. This means that I can pick up infections more so my mum is doing finger prick today to send off to the hospital to see what my blood levels are. Fingers crossed they have gone up for me to go to Lapland on Tuesday.

I have been feeling really down at the minute because of my leukaemia. It just gets me down sometimes thinking about what I’ve got but mum, dad and Ellie, my sister, always try to cheer me up. On the bright side it’s nearly Christmas and it’s something to look forward to and cheer me up. I am really hoping to be fit and well for Christmas.

Me and my dad have been making a memory frame of what I have done since I have had leukaemia, which includes doing Beefy’s Great British Walk with Sir Ian Botham and going to Disneyland Paris with Tony and Maggie Rizzo who organise the Alternative Hair Show. Other highlights were the rap for leukaemia, and receiving a letter from my MP Dan Jarvis supporting me and wishing me luck on my Beefy Walk. It was also my birthday in November and now I am 13.

Speak to you soon, Lucas :)



Hi Lucas,

Just wanted to say it is always a pleasure reading your blog. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been well and are a bit dwon right now. It's great to have such a supportive family to rally round you and keep you going.

Reading the list of achievements since being diagnosed is in incredible! How busy you've been!

Keep up the great work, keep up the blog and keep your chin up.



Happy belated birthday Lucas! I hope that you feel better soon and that 13 will be your best year yet!

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We hope you are feeling better for Christmas Lucas!

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