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Blenheim Duck: Buy me now!

Blenheim D
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04 Jul 2014

Some exciting news, a competition, and my review of Blenheim 2014...

Alright bozos. I know what you’re thinking: Blenheim was a whole month ago now, get over yourself! Well, just you try typing with webbed feet – it’s slow going, I don’t mind telling you. Blenheim Duck is no slacker, I’ve been hard at work on this blog…

Anyway, here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. I am officially now available to purchase from the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research online shop! For the princely sum of £1.99 you can own a slice of history AND help beat blood cancer at the same time.

And that’s not all. I’m also excited to announce the launch of the #BlenheimDuck World Tour 2014 – and this is where you folks with your social medias come in.

Buy yourself a Blenheim Duck and tweet @beatbloodcancer with your photo of said duck (using the by now infamous #BlenheimDuck hashtag) in an exotic, weird and/or wonderful location. The most entertaining pics will win one of a selection of frankly brilliant sports-themed prizes, including goody bags, tri-suits and – the big one – a place in the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Blenheim Palace Triathlon 2015.

I had a bloomin’ brilliant time at this year’s event. Here’s a quick recap of how it went down:

An emotional reunion with #KingDuck kicked off proceedings…

Scoping out the start line before the race #PontoonDuck

Chilling out in T1 after a textbook swim leg #catchmeifyoucanbozos

Bike leg sadly not so straightforward #helpwasneeded

Still managed to dig deep and bag myself a podium finish #winning

…and had some time left to enjoy the stunning grounds of the Palace #onedayiwillbeduke

That’s me signing off for now. I look forward to seeing some #BlenheimDuck pics from around the globe!



Quacking blog my feathered friend. Looking forward to seeing you out and about and reading about your adventures.


AMAZING! I'll make sure I get myself hold of a duck and send in a photo perhaps one of me running to the beak... I mean beat?!!!

Ellie Dawes

These duck puns are getting worse Andy, maybe BD ought to take you under his wing?

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