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Blenheim Triathlon

Daniel Pinn
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08 Apr 2013

Blenheim Triathlon. This name may daunt some as this event is a very prestigious one. There is nothing to worry about! I had done my first triathlon last year at Blenheim Palace and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had: the hot weather, great support and lovely scenery made the suspense wait worth its while. Even though I was not nervous, I had doubt in my mind. This was due to the fact that I was going to ride a mountain bike on the cycling discipline. This seemed quite a good idea as my fellow teammate, who was going to do this triathlon with me, said that the course is quite undulating. It was not till midway in the race that I found out the mountain bike is not as good as I thought it was going to be for this undulating cycle. Never the less, I still managed to finish the super sprint around 1 hour 5 minutes; I had a massive sense of pride after this as I thought I would never have finished the race. But I think without the intense training I wouldn’t have been able to do this triathlon.

Therefore, I cannot stress how much training will help you, whether it is just a 30 minute jog or a 10 minute cycle it all helps. Leading up to this event me and Matt (my teammate for Blenheim) both done an extensive amount of training, we ran 2 or 3 times a week, swam once or twice a week and cycled about once a week. During this training we needed to mix up the sort of training we undertook. For example we may have done long distance running on a Tuesday and then sprint training on a Thursday. This helped as it got us use to running a long distance but also helped to build up our fast twitch muscles fibres which are used for sprinting. I would also recommend that you practice swimming in your wetsuit, you do not necessarily need to train in open water but just getting use to swimming in a wetsuit will benefit you massively.

As I stated at the beginning this event is “very prestigious” and I would highly recommend it. Whether you are a newbie to the sport or have done them before, out of all these triathlons Blenheim is one of the best and therefore is a must if you would like to take-up triathlons. Even though I said that doing it on a mountain bike was quite difficult, it does not mean you cannot take part in this amazing event. It is open to all types of people whether you are experienced or not it is a great accomplishment to tell all your friends and family. So even if you do not have the best bike or the best wetsuit this event is open to everyone.

Also Blenheim triathlon is a great event as you can chose from three types of races: a Sprint, a Super Sprint or a Team Relay. One of these may appeal to you more than the others. Making sure you have a successful race you will need several pieces of equipment including, a wetsuit, open water goggles, a bike, helmet, Running shoes and possibly and Tri-suit. There are other pieces of equipment which you may find over people have but are not particularly important such as cleats for your bike.

Furthermore, if you do not have a Tri-suit and would like one, you can buy a Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research one which only costs £50, this is an amazing price and I would highly recommend you buying one. Purchasing one of these will not only help us spot you on the day, but it will also help you to cut down on transition times. 

Moreover, if you are unsure whether or not you are doing this event, you should definitely do it. It is not just a great accomplishment but is also a great weekend/ day out. So, thank you for reading this and I hope you join our team for Blenheim Triathlon.

Together we are UNSTOPPABLE.

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