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Blog update. Living alone with MDS

Anthony Abel
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13 Jun 2015

Living alone with MDS

I approached my sixth cycle of Azacitidine with some anxiety as it is only possible to ascertain if it is suitable treatment until 6 cycles have been completed.

i saw the haematologist on 7/6 on the last day of the cycle, she reviewed the results of the blood test taken and told me that Azacitidine is having the desired effect and my blood levels have risen considerably.

Not a cure obviously but an extension on my lease on life, a long one I hope.

A real boost and good news for a change




What great news! As you say not a cure but great to hear that the treatment is having the desired affect so far. What's the next step?


Dear Andy,
Thanks for your reply, I understood from my haematologist that at my age, 71, I am too old for a stem cell transplant.
I think the plan is to keep me on Azacitidine until it stops working.
Any alternative suggestions would be welcome?


Blog Update by Anthony Abel

I have just completed my 12th cycle of Azacitidine, my 1st Aza birthday. It is a year since I was diagnosed. I felt so devastated at the time I didn't think I would be around by now.

The treatment is going well and I have not had any unpleasant side effects so far, I'm seeing my haematologist on 29/12 for my three monthly review.

It took me a long time to come to terms with my diagnosis and I'm still angry that this should have happened to me. For me anger is my way of fighting this disease and it works for me.

I have had to make huge changes in my lifestyle to avoid infection etc but have adjusted to that now.

The adjustments I have had to make remind me of a poem by A E Houseman, The Shropshire Lad. I quote it below as it's very relevant.

"Into my heart an air that kills

from yon far country blows,

what are those blue remembered hills

whose farms and spires are those?

That is the land of lost content,

I see it shining plain,

those happy highways I once went,

and can never come again."

I think it sums up the changes I have had to make and the realisation that my life can never be the same, but it certainly doesn't mean that I'm ready to roll over and die.

I most definitely will not go gently into the night!!!