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Blood and Water

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21 Jun 2015

Over the last few weeks I have been finding things quite difficult emotionally. It is a shameful thing to admit but at my lowest point, I considered not taking my medication. However, it occured to me the other day that being a mother, wife, sister, aunt, daughter and friend with a critical illness holds a certain amount of responsibility. It was something my 12 year old daughter said in the car on the way home from parents evening. So if I was at any point feeling sorry for myself, I certainly dont now as her words came at me like a slap around the face. You know the kind that stings for a while!

Despite our daughter usually reaching high grades, we are sometimes told at parents evening that a little more effort is required. As I am sure most parents understand we find this quite frustrating. However, this time it was different. Her teachers were full of praise, not only for her grades, but for her hard work and focus. The majority commented on how hard she had tried since the last term break. I found this odd as it was in February I received my diagnosis and then only 1 month later, we discovered our lovely dog Lola has Lymphoma. This was devastating news for us but especially for our daughter so i was half expecting her report to be down on last term.

On our way home and after praising her for her hard work, I asked what it was that made her try harder at school? What had changed? Her exact words were "Since you told me you had cancer, I thought that if i try hard at school and do well it will be one less thing you have to be stressed about and I know that stress can make cancer worse." Well....there it was.... a statement from a 12 year old girl that made my heart melt away. I wish so much she didn;t have to worry about me. It should be the other way round.

It is also the case that we as a family have recently shared moments of true happiness and proper belly laughs that have been interrupted by a sudden memory of what we are all going through. I hate seeing them cry and being a burden on their emotions but it is these moments of sadness that has recently spurred me on to dig deep and remember that I am not the only one that is finding the situation difficult.

I promise for their sake to try my hardest from now on to not let this get the better of me as I have come to realise that it is me that is responsible for the healing of this illness by healing myself. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually too.

Tomorrow I find out what the CML levels are in my blood. I am confident that by healthy eating, exercising, drinking plenty of water and trying to laugh every day no matter how rubbish i may or may not be feeling is going to allow us to receive some good news.



Wishing you lots of luck today for your test results Jaques! When I read your post I really felt for because sometimes I honestly think it is easier to be the patient & it is our loved ones that do so much of the worrying. I think you are doing an amazing job & your daughter is clearly a real credit to you & it is true that family can really inspire you to keep going - I know that when I get really worried & low, it is my 11 year old son that is my inspiration. Sending you love & luck xxxxxxxx


I hope you got the results you were looking for yesterday Jaques.  This is  a brilliant post and you're daughter sounds like a wonderful, honest and very intelligent young girl.  Wishing you all the best.



I hope the results were ok Jackie and showed signs that the CML is behaving itself. 

Having blood cancer is not easy as you know and you will have ups and downs. That doesn't make you weak in any way and you are certainly not the only one to have contemplated not taking your medication. 

The key is to hang in there when the going gets tough and it sounds like you're doing that with a little help from  your friends and family. Your daughter sounds like an incredibly strong young lady who you must be extremely proud of. She must get that from you!

Stay strong but remember that we're behind you every step of the way.