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Blood Cancer Awareness Month – that's a wrap!

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04 Oct 2019

We recently marked the end of Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2019 – and what a month! From TV interviews to daredevil stunts, everyone did their bit to help spread our message that blood cancer symptoms don't have to be cryptic.

We started early, with our brilliant Bloodwise Ambassador Ellie Philpotts appearing with our chief executive on Sky News in late-August, talking about how over a third of people ignore potential blood cancer symptoms.

We also launched our symptoms guide, setting out the symptoms and giving advice on how to have a conversation with their GP if they feel concerned.

It’s proved hugely popular, with 6,800 of our guides ordered during the month.

Our supporters spread the message

Across the country, people have done their bit to raise awareness of blood cancer. Sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green agreed to turn his iconic Still Water at Marble Arch red to mark the month on our behalf. The sculpture had a particular relevance as Nic was working on it when he was being treated for leukaemia.

Our supporter Amelia Brown told her story in the Daily Mail to help raise awareness of symptoms.

And then there was the amazing Simon Thomas.

30 days, 30 challenges

Simon, who lost his wife Gemma to acute myeloid leukaemia in 2017, agreed to do a 30-day challenge across Blood Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of symptoms.

There were too many challenges to list here, but the highlights included walking on the wing of a plane, having a leg waxed live on TV, and playing the flute in Reading town centre.

This had a great huge impact. The blood donation he did live on TV led to a big surge in blood donation registrations, his TV appearances resulted in some of the biggest ever increases in Google searches for “blood cancer symptoms”, and his social media videos have been seen hundreds of thousands of times.

And he’s raised around £10,000 to help us beat blood cancer!

There’s much more on Simon’s 30-Day Challenge on Instagram, and there’s still time to donate to the Gemma Thomas Campaign.

The impact of an incredible month

We’ve seen a peak in people searching for information about blood symptoms that has been sustained across the whole month. September also saw the most ever visits to the symptoms page of our website.

And our social media audience has grown twice as fast as it usually does, meaning we are able to reach more people affected by blood cancer.

As well as the statistics, we’ve heard from people whose lives have been improved by this Blood Cancer Awareness Month, either because knowing the symptoms has helped them get diagnosed sooner, or because finding out about us has meant they were able to access our support services.

So a big thank you to everyone who’s helped spread the blood cancer message this Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Your efforts have helped improve lives!

If you'd like to do even more to support our work, then take a look at the many ways you can get involved.

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