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Suzanne Beattie

Blood Cancer Awareness Month – What’s on??

Suzanne Beattie
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Suzanne Beattie
25 Jul 2014

This year for Blood Cancer Awareness Month, Bloodwise are planning a series of events and campaigns to show support for those affected by blood cancer and to raise further awareness.

Here are just a few of the events we’ve got planned - stay tuned for more information coming soon!

The Bloodwise Wellcome Trust Event:

On the 13th September this year we will be holding our Bloodwise event at the Wellcome Trust to mark Blood Cancer Awareness Month, and we would like to invite all nurses working within paediatric haematology or with young adults.

The event will centre on a panel of leading scientists and clinicians talking about their work, and patients sharing their experiences. Nurses attending will have the opportunity to talk to and network with other healthcare professionals working with children and the families of children living with blood cancer.

It would be fantastic to see anyone who is interested there so please do pass this information on to any of your colleagues working with children, teenagers and young adults who might wish to attend. 

If you are interested please email,uk, and we will send you further details nearer the time.  


Organise a Tea with the Girls!

Why not organise a Tea with the Girls event at your hospital to celebrate Blood Cancer Awareness Month and to help spread the word in support of those affected!

They are easy and fun to organise and our fundraising team is on hand to help you with lots of materials, ideas and tips.

If you’re interested, please have a look at our fundraising page or contact our fundraising team directly at to get started!


Join us for a Facebook Live Chat!

Facebook Live sessions are a fantastic resource for patients and their families as they are an interactive way of breaking down and explaining the information out there and addressing some really key issues!

For Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we would love to hold interviews with haemato-oncology nurses on various topics which we get asked about a lot, such as:

  • Working with children, teenagers and young people
  • Coping with treatment and side effects
  • Talking to your family about your condition
  • Sexual Rehabilitation

However, we can’t do any of this without your help! If you would like to take on the challenge, please email 


Get your Awareness Raising Pack!

If you would like more information on all of the above, as well we more ways to get involved and support Bloodwise this Blood Cancer Awareness Month, then please contact to ask for our full BCAM pack!

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