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Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2017

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Updated 21 Sep 2017

Get involved in Blood Cancer Awareness Month this September and help us in our efforts to raise the profile of Bloodwise and all the work that we do.

September's Blood Cancer Awareness Month provides a great opportunity for us to raise awareness about blood cancer, the charity, our research and the support and information that we and others offer patient and their families.

This year's focus is on childhood blood cancer and the importance of further research to improve treatments that will reduce the toxicity of treatment and chances of develping long-term side-effects of treatment that can limit young peoples' lives before they've really begun.

However we also want to use Blood Cancer Awareness Month to help raise awareness about all blood cancers. To this we need your support in three main ways:

1. Raise awareness in your local community

We need your help to spread awareness about blood cancer and the amazing research and information that Bloodwise supports across the UK.

To help you do this we'll be putting together Blood Cancer Awareness Month packs with posters, flyers, leaflets and information booklets which we'd love for you to distribute in your local communities including schools, libraries, coffee shops, leisure centres and, of course, hospitals and GP surgeries.

The pack will include a Blood Cancer Awareness Board which we'd like you to carry around and take photos with wherever and whenever you can over the course of the month. The more unusual the location the better while the more people that you can get involved in the photos the better as it will all help to generate more awareness.

The back of the cards will have instructions on how and where to share your photos and to add an element of fun and competition we'll be giving out prizes for our favourites during the course of the month :)

If you happen to bump in to a celebrity and get them to pose with the board like Paul Carless who has met Hugh Grant and Martin Johnson among others then even better!

2. Host your own Tea with the Girls

We'd love for you all to host a Tea with the Girls (and/or lads!) at some point during September. They're a great way to raise awareness while raising money and having some fun at the same time.

They also offer an opportunity to reach out to potential audiences that might know less about blood cancer. With that in mind it's worth considering more public settings for your potential Tea with the Girls like schools, work places and any clubs/societies that you're part. Local shopping or leisure centres (you might need permits for these) are also fantastic while if you've got families that you'd like to get involved then schools, colleges and universities are also well worth considering.

Wherever you choose to host your Tea with the Girls we're here to help ensure that it is a success and runs as smoothly as possible. So do get in touch with us at to let us know what you're planning and whether you'd like any additional resources like banners, posters and patient info booklets.

Download your Tea with the Girls fundraising pack

3. Spread the word about blood cancer online

Last year we had a record month on social media during Blood Cancer Awareness Month reaching more than 3 million people on Facebook alone!

You led the way by sharing your stories and patient videos for our posts on Facebook, liking and commenting on our posts and generally engaging with and supporting other patients and supporters.

We're going to need you to do all that and more again this year as we look to introduce a few more elements to our online efforts including: 

  • Facebook profile templates for you to show your support
  • Four Facebook Lives
  • A blood cancer research survey which we'd love for you to share as widely as you possibly can online
  • Twitter twibbons

There'll be a lot more information on ways to get involved in the August newsletter but in the meantime we'd like to encourage any of you who haven't already to consider joining our patient community on the website. 

For more information on joining the community and writing a blog do drop me an email directly at

Other ways to get involved

1. Attend our Childhood Blood Cancer Report Launch

On 13th September we'll be launching a comprehensive 'state of the nation' report on childhood blood cancer at a special launch event at the Welcome Trust in London starting at 6.30 pm.

The event will feature a panel style Q&A featuring researchers, doctors and patients talking about the findings of the report and will be attended by a number of high profile figures including MPs, leading researchers, high profile fundraisers and representatives from leading pharmaceutical companies.

Like Speaker's House last year, the event is a great opportunity for us to reach out to the blood cancer community and beyond and we're looking to have another strong ambassador presence. Those who have been affected by childhood blood cancer have already been contacted but we're keen to open out the invitation to any of you that have an interest in attending. 

If you're interested in attending the childhood blood cancer report launch event do send me an email directly at and I'll make sure that you're added to the invite list.

2. Visit the Janssen patient installation in Paternoster Square

The pharmaceutical company, Janssen, has commissioned an amazing patient installation project in Paternoster Square by St. Paul's Cathedral in London which will be in place throughout Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

The installation will comprise of 104 sculptures featuring the first names of blood cancer patients. The sculptures will be the exact height of each of the patients which will help demonstrate how blood cancer is indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any time. 

15 of our own Ambassadors will be included in the installation which is a joint adventure with a number of other blood cancer charities including the Lymphoma Association, Myeloma UK and Leukaemia Care.

We're really excited about the exhibition which launches on the 3rd September and will run throughout the month. The installations are all set to be lit up at night so it's well worth a visit if you get the opportunity.

3. Share your blood cancer experiences with our media team

Blood Cancer Awareness Month provides a really great opportunity for us to get more media coverage about blood cancer in both national and local press. Patient stories are always a really good way in as they provide a human angle that others can relate to.

To maximise our chances of achieving press coverage during September it would be fantastic if we had as many case studies on file as we possibly can in advance. Many of you have already completed the ambassador story form which is fantastic.

If you've yet to complete the form but would like to be considered for press releases then please do complete the ambassador story form and send back to us at

Download the ambassador story form.

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