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Blood Cancer Patient Q&A - Charlie Toon

Andy Jackson
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19 Jun 2017

Charlie joins us to answer your questions and talk about her experiences

On Thursday 22nd May Bloodwise Ambassador Charlie Toon is joining us to answer your questions and talk about her blood cancer experiences in our latest live patient Q&A on Facebook from 1 pm.

Charlie was diagnosed with hodgkin lymphoma in February 2016 after the discovery of a small little lump on her left collarbone prompted her to go to her GP. 

Initial blood tests and an ultrasound were inconclusive and it wasn't until a lymph node biospy and finally an MRI that later that her diagnosis was confirmed six months later.

Charlie began treatment almost straightaway with an initial 6 rounds of ABVD. 6 months and 12 sessions of chemo later she was given the fantastic news that the treatment had been a success and she's been in remission ever since.

Since entering remission Charlie has gone back to work and heavily involved in raising awareness and funds for the charity in her role as a Bloodwise Ambassador. This included walking all the way to Brighton from London last month which she readily admits is the hardest sporting challenge she's ever done.

If you have a question that you'd like to ask Charlie ahead of the Q&A please email us at You can read more about Charlie's diagnosis and subsequent treatment here:

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