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Blood cancer patients share their stories in our new videos

Kate A Keightley
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14 Apr 2016

In 2015 the patient experience team had the privilege of working with 28 blood cancer patients on our very exciting patient experience video project, where we asked people to share their experiences of living with blood cancer.

Our newly recruited film stars all bravely travelled to our head office to sit somewhat uncomfortably while microphones were fitted, shots lined up and ever so slightly daunting lights turned on, to tell us their story.

We now have 28 fantastic patient videos on our YouTube channel.

You can watch our patient videos here >

These have already provided a great deal of support to patients, friends and family members who have got in touch with us through our support line, email and social media channels. We have begun featuring one video each week on social media, so take a look, show your support, and perhaps share your experiences with our Facebook community.

Throughout this project, it became abundantly clear that no two experiences are the same and people face many different emotions while going through treatment and beyond. As people share experiences, tips and advice, these videos also work to assure people they are not alone, and encourage people to ask questions and actively seek the information and support that’s right for them. These are key focuses for Bloodwise and we are very pleased to be able to utilise them in this way.

I would like to thank all of those involved in this project for giving such a valuable insight into life with blood cancer, and highlighting the need for support.

I would also like to thank Bay Construct whose generous donation has allowed this project to take shape.

You can watch the full Patient stories playlist below:

We also have a range of new video interviews with leading blood cancer clinicians, including members of our Medical Advisory Panel. These videos are designed for patients, friends and family, and provide clear, reliable information on the various types of blood cancer, including diagnosis, treatment, outlook and everyday life.

Videos on the below conditions are available on our YouTube channel already, and more will be added in the coming weeks:


Catriona Taylor

Thanks for this update Kate, great to see the patients videos are up on the YouTube channel, and really good to read about the video interviews with clinicians too! Sure these will all be so useful to patients and their families. 

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