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Bloodwise Ambassador Survey 2016 Results

Andy Jackson
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28 Feb 2015

A complete breakdown of your feedback from the first year of the Ambassador Programme

In the December newsletter we asked you all to take our first ever annual Ambassador survey as we looked to stop and assess how everything went in year one of the programme.

A huge thank you to everyone that completed the survey which revealed some really interesting results and gave us some great pointers on areas where we could look to improve for 2017. Here are some of the key findings:

1. Sharing your experiences with others provided greatest satisfaction

When asked which type of activity you enjoyed doing 45% said that you most enjoyed sharing your experiences and engaging with other blood cancer patients the most satisfying activity with a further 22.5% of you saying that you most enjoyed getting involved in media work the most.

Overall 100% of you felt that your interactions over the course of the year were worthwhile with 90% of you attending some kind of event and just shy of two thirds of you putting up Bloodwise posters or handing out patient information.

2. 100% satisfaction with support levels

Everyone who completed the survey felt that they had enough information and support to do their roles but did have a couple of really useful suggestions in how we could help support you even better in the form of training days and provision of Bloodwise business cards to hand out to people who wanted to find out more or had difficult questions that required further follow up from us.

3. More regional opportunities required

18.2% of you wanted to get more involved with a further 18.2% saying that either there weren't any suitable opportunities right for them or that there simply weren't enough opportunities to get involved.

Location was cited as the biggest reason for lack of opportunities with 46.2% of you who answered the question saying that they would have appreciated more local opportunities.

4. Impact made but exact levels hard to assess

More than half of you felt that you were able to make a definite impact during the course of 2016 with the remainder unsure as opposed to thinking that they hadn't made any impact at all.

You found it difficult to put a number on how many people you'd spoken to about blood cancer but 64.6% of you reckoned that you had given out five or more information booklets or leaflets and/or posters during the course of the year which is fantastic.

In total 45.5% of you felt that you had spent 1 - 3 days or more doing Ambassador activities with another quarter (27.3%) estimating that they had done three days or more.

5. Happy to be involved as Ambassadors but room for improvement

A whopping 97.5% of you enjoyed being an Ambassador last year which is absolutely fantastic and better than we could possibly have ever expected.

However you also identified some very obvious ways in which we could improve things this year including providing more opportunities to get involved regionally, access to some more extensive training and having the opportunity to meet up with fellow Ambassadors on a more regular basis. 

What we're doing next

We've already integrated our regional teams in to the Ambassador programme and asked them to come up with ways and get in contact with you more about possible ways to help out regionally while we'll also be running our first training sessions at Head Office in March.

We're also in discussions about how best to organise regional meet ups for you all and are also looking into the creation of a Bloodwise Ambassador Ball at the end of the year which we hope you'll all be able to attend.

Feedback & evaluation forms

To help you to keep more of a track of just how much of a difference you're making through all your Ambassador activities we're also going to start introducing evaluation and feedback forms when we get in contact with you after events and activities.

We're going to start sending out the forms in March and they will be anonymous so please don't hold back with any feedback that you provide as the very purpose of them is to honestly assess how we're doing and make improvements where necessary.

I know that you will embrace providing feedback with all your usual enthusiasm and I cannot thank you enough for everything that you're doing as Ambassadors to help support both us and blood cancer patients throughout the UK. Thank you!

If you have any further questions about the survey or the feedback forms please don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly by sending me an email at

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