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Bloodwise Ambassadors, HCP Engagement Champions

Kate A Keightley
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08 Feb 2018

Read some testimonials from healthcare professionals about some of the fantastic Ambassadors we could help you find for your events.

Our Bloodwise Ambassadors are a group of highly motivated and engaged patients and carers affected by blood cancer who are dedicated to raising awareness of blood cancer and ensuring the patient voice is heard at every opportunity through sharing their experiences among the public, key decision makers in the government and healthcare professionals in hospitals across the UK.

We have been working with a number of different hospitals to provide patient speakers at patient conference and study days for staff. Below are two testimonials from nurses at Barts and UCLH who regularly utilise this service.

Aisling McCarthy, Clinical Educator for Oncology, St Bartholomew's Hospital

 'I have had the privilege of having Bloodwise Ambassadors, HCP Engagement Champions speaking at a number of study days and conferences that I have set up and facilitated. Being part of Bloodwise’s Nurses Working Group has given me a real insight into the support Bloodwise gives to patients with blood cancer. Having a patient who has been through what is being taught on the study day gives nurses and other health care practitioners a real insight into seeing things from a patient’s perspective. Nurses really feel the benefits of having these HCP Engagement Champions speak about the good and bad care that they experienced while being treated. It provides food for thought for how they’ve looked after patients in the past and how they will change their practice in the future. The session is always one of the best evaluated of the day and one that attendees continue to speak of after the event.'

Faith Warner, Cancer Education Programme Lead, UCLH:

'Having Bloodwise Ambassadors, HCP Engagement Champions speaking at Cancer Education events has had huge benefits on the quality and efficacy of training for healthcare professionals from a range of trusts across London. Courses such as the Principles of Cancer Care (a Cancer Care introductory programme for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals) are consistently well evaluated, in part due to Bloodwise Ambassadors, HCP Engagement Champions’ contributions. These HCP Engagement Champions provide incredible insight into the patient experience by sharing their personal cancer journey including the physical and psychological effects of diagnosis and treatment. Talks often include the impact cancer has on their lives and those of their family, and influence of staff contributions to their experience. Bloodwise Ambassadors, HCP Engagement Champions are personal yet professional, confident and articulate in delivery and provide an incredible learning opportunity for healthcare professionals. Staff attending courses often rate this session most highly over an entire programme stating that the experiences of the patient will never be forgotten and will guide their practice in future.';

If you would like one of our Ambassadors to support you at one of your conference, do get in touch with us on nursing@bloodwise.org.uk.

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