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Bloodwise Digital Ambassadors!

Alice Randall
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04 Apr 2018

Update on the Bloodwise Digital Ambassador programme

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Last month we recruited for the ‘Bloodwise Digital Ambassador’ volunteer role.

We are keen to formalise the brilliant work that ambassadors already do in engaging with and supporting members of the Bloodwise online community. Bloodwise Digital Ambassadors will play a vital role in helping Bloodwise increase its level of peer to peer engagement and reach on Bloodwise Facebook posts, and raise awareness of our research, information and support, and also help us to evaluate the support we can offer to our online Facebook community.

I’m really excited to announce the list of digital ambassadors, we are so pleased to have you on board –

• Louise Smith
• Hannah Hand
• Joanna Burridge
• Erica Farmer
• Charlie Toon
• Lisa Griffiths
• Anna Mamwell

We are hoping to run training this month, so we can get the Digital Ambassador role up and running very soon.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Alice at

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