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Bloodwise in the media

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18 Jul 2012

Help us tell your story and raise more funds for research

Many of you have asked us how you can do more to help Bloodwise - here is just one thing that would help us enormously. Like most research funders, we ask you to let us know when you are going to publish new research findings as a condition of your award - but what do we really want, and why is it important?

Talking publicly about the research you do is important to Bloodwise in two ways. First, we want people living with blood cancer and the public to understand more about blood cancer and the progress research is making. And really importantly, by raising awareness of your work and helping people understand where the funding comes from, we also increase the likelihood that people will find Bloodwise and donate to support more of your work.

Receiving a copy of your paper after it is published is good, but we really want to hear from you much sooner. After publication we can still talk to our supporters about your work, but if your research would make a good media story, we need to know as far in advance of publication as possible. Sadly not every publication will be newsworthy, but where they are we can work with you to prepare a press release, or if your University press office is keen to issue a press release we will be pleased to work with them. We will usually want to include a quote from Bloodwise, and in return we can use our relationships with people living with blood cancer around the country to provide case studies for journalists. Increasingly our relationships with national media organisations mean that journalists come to us for a quote on blood cancer stories, which mean we can enhance your coverage. We also find that research news is very important to our soical media followers, and with preparation we can achieve greater coverage for your work through those channels too.

It's never too soon to tell us that you have an interesting piece of new work coming out and its not just publications that we want to hear about, we also encourage you to let us know about any prizes or upcoming conference talks. Please contact our science press officer Henry Winter, copying in Matt Kaisein the Research team. 

Here are two recent examples of blood cancer research in the media where we have contributed to media coverage.

Study provides hope of personalised treatments for AML patients - Bloodwise responds

study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last month by researchers at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge found that AML can be broken down into 11 separate diseases. Matt Kaiser, Head of Research at Bloodwise and Katie Leason, Media Manager at Bloodwise attended the press conference to provide journalists with an expert take on the news and interviews with our patient ambassadors. Interviews with Matt about the study appear in the Daily Mail onlineGuardian and Financial Times. The Daily Mail also features an interview with Bloodwise Pateint Ambassador and AML patient Anna Mamwell.

Bloodwise research could lead to curative treatment for CML patients

Professor Tessa Holyoake, University of Glasgow and Professor Tony Whetton, University of Manchester led a team of researchers who published a paper last month in Nature entitiled "Dual targeting of p53 and c-MYC induces selective elimination of leukemic stem cell". The press office and research team worked hard to provide comment on the study's findings, with articles published in the Daily Express, The Scotsman and in The Glasgow Herald.

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