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Bloodwise responds to Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2015

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05 Jul 2016

Our response to the 2015 Cancer Patient Experience Survey, published by NHS England.

The 2015 Cancer Patient Experience Survey published by NHS England today shows that blood cancer patients are still taking longer to be diagnosed than cancer patients in general, a finding consistent with surveys from previous years.

The fifth annual survey of its kind had responses from over 71,000 cancer patients in treatment in 2015, covering all aspects of their care, including diagnosis, access to information, quality of care and support provided after treatment.

Of those blood cancer patients who saw their GP with cancer symptoms before being referred to hospital in 2015, 36% had to visit their GP three or more times before getting a referral, compared to 24% of cancer patients overall. This can be explained by a number of factors, including a lack of awareness of blood cancer symptoms and the ease of which many symptoms can be confused with more common conditions.

The survey also highlights the importance of clinical nurse specialists in cancer treatment. It found that 90% of all cancer patients (and 89% of blood cancer patients) were given the name of a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) to support them through their treatment. 88% of respondents said that, when they had had important questions to ask their CNS, they had got answers they could understand all or most of the time.

Diana Jupp, Director of Patient Experience at Bloodwise, said: “Our own research has found that access to a Clinical Nurse Specialist for blood cancer patients can be inconsistent and vary across the country. A CNS can offer support to a patient at diagnosis and throughout their patient journey. It is pleasing to see that access for blood cancer patients has improved in recent years, but there are still thousands of patients missing out.

“The national Cancer Patient Experience Survey is an invaluable resource, which along with our own in depth Patient Need research, provides an important insight into how blood cancer patients feel about the care that they receive and where improvements can be made.” 

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