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Brownies, Bone Marrow and Blog Stats

Rebecca J
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06 Jul 2014


Hi guys!

I am feeling good day today, I didn’t feel tired like before and have had Evan and Ella, some lovely visitors to make my day!

I had to have the usual daily tablets and anti-fungal drip but otherwise everything has been normal.

Tomorrow I need to have a couple of units of blood products to strengthen me up for some procedures on Monday and Tuesday which I thought you guys should know about. On Monday I will be having another lumbar puncture where they put some chemotherapy into the spinal fluid to make sure there is no leukaemic cells there. The first experience of this awake didn’t go well. Every little thing went wrong and it ended up rushed and difficult to find the right spot and I really didn’t enjoy it so prayers/thoughts appreciated! She is going to try a different position and give me something to make me a bit spaced just to make it easier but I am still a bit apprehensive!

Tuesday is booked for a bone marrow test which is supposed to be the worst of the two but I coped fine the first time- hoping this will all go smoothly again!

These tests will hopefully show a ‘marker’ in my cells which they can examine to judge how my cancer has responded. They decide what the next stage of chemo is so it is quite important! The one problem is that the test can be indeterminate which means they can’t give you a conclusive answer of how you have responded and whether you are in the high-risk or low-risk group. FINGERS CROSSED FOR LOW RISK! At the moment this seems likely judging by the results of the two I have already had and how generally well I am. I’ll be able to tell you about a week afterwards what the results of these are so stay tuned!

So someone asked about how many people look at my blog and how well it is doing and trying to stay as modest as possible I feel like it is doing really well! The response I have had from people has been really encouraging! I have had a mix of random followers, family, people who know me keeping in the loop and it is even starting to spread out and get to people who don’t directly know me but want to follow it which is amazing! This is just what I wanted and my daily stats are at a good level! I’m not aiming to be famous or anything but in the future when I can get out more and get involved in fundraising events and things it would be cool to branch out even further, I just need to exert some more effort and get it out there!

Now I am going to eat some heavenly chocolate brownies from Kim and open a lovely looking gift from Jemma! Hope you are all well, thanks for reading.



Thanks so much for posting this, Becca.

Blogs like this are really, really useful for others going through treatment of what to expect and helps others understand just how much of an undertaking the treatment is.

I was spared the lumbar puncture but appreciate from my two bone marrow harvests that anything in that region of the spine is not a pleasant experience. I think it's incredible that you were able to find the energy to write these blogs whilst you were in hospital and hope that you're doing well?

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