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Bugs in my blood

Rebeccah Byrne
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29 Nov 2015

A little bit about blood cancer journeys (both of them!!!) & my tips for survival xx

Hello to all the blood wise gang..near & far!

i would really like to share my leukaemia journey with you..I'm no expert in most things but when it comes to leukaemia unfortunately I'm top of the class..this adventure all started in April 2012 when tiredness became unbearable & purple bruises began to appear in unusual didn't send alarm bells ringing I must admit, I was 27 yrs old, mam to a little princess & working in the disability sector so I thought all the usual down, anaemic, bumps & bruises from my job etc.

a trip to my GP ended up in the haematology ward, bone marrow biopsies & a leukaemia diagnosis all in the space of 3 perfect little world came crashing down..only old people got cancer, people who smoke, use sun beds..not me @ 27 yrs old!! What about my life, my daughter, our plans to live happily ever after??! Shock is the only word I can use to describe how I felt, it was like I was watching someone else's life..definitely not mine, I was so numb I couldn't even cry..words like chemotherapy & infertility were not what I wanted to hear, this had to be a bad dream! 

The next 24 hrs involved me being moved to Dublin, to the national transplant centre @ St.James hospital, Hepra filtered rooms, sealed windows, constant tests and examinations & my 1st chemotherapy..15 more sessions were to follow. In the weeks that followed I began to understand the impact that cancer has on a person both mentally and physically..gone was this energy filled person, always ready for a laugh to a bald, grey skinned, sick looking person who was forever stuck to a drip stand, eyes red and swollen from constant crying.. And believe me did I cry, some days it was non stop enough to fill the Irish Sea!! This battle continued until April 2011, it was eventful with high temps, vomiting, mucositis, infections, rashes, allergic reactions, morphine, hallucinations along with laughter, anger, frustration, tears & silence...lots of tears & lots of silence! On 26 April 2011, I was told I was in remission & it was like I could breath time I went back to work,resumed my wife and mammy duties and took oral chemo daily and went for my check up was good & blood cancer was in my past.





Thank you so much for getting in touch and sharing your experiences of blood cancer. It sounds like your GP acted very, very quickly and got a blood test done straight away which is good as sadly that often isn't always the case.

Diagnosis sounds a bit of a whirlwind given how sudden everything was - had you been to the GP at all prior to the day you had the bloods taken and were subsequently sent off for bone marrow biopsies and the whole chain of events that so dramatically changed your life?

I'm so glad to hear that you're in remission and doing well and long may that continue to be the case. Coping with treatment as a mum with a small child must have been tough. How did you deal with that aspect?

Lots of respect and admiration and wish you all the best going forwards,


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