A busy April!

05 May 2015

Well April was a pretty hectic month! From a branch perspective I had to complete the Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre  annual accounts and we had our AGM, regionally we had our Chairs meeting then on top of that there was the little matter of Impact Day which we took in as part of a 4 day long weekend in London, it was also my better halfs Birthday and there was a family Wedding! Added to that work wise I was between London and Edinburgh so I was quite pleased when I totted up my training miles on the bike for The Old Boys Tour de Yorkshire 2015 that I had managed to fit in 300 road miles (I'm not including Turbo or interval training):

02/04 27.4
06/04 30.1
08/04 50.8
17/04 16.7
18/04 40.1
21/04 18.2
25/04 25.5
26/04 28.5
28/04 28.6
30/04 34.3

Total = 300.9

Just under 8 weeks to go now! You can read our story and sponsor us here:




Catriona Taylor

Definitely a busy month Steve! Well done on your training and fundraising so far!

Hi Catriona, yes it was! No problem I think I'm getting the cycling bug now!


Well done Steve! Keep up the great work! 

Thanks Danny, you too! I hope you are well.



Thanks Steve! Not so bad thank you, yourself?