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Bye Bye Delayed Intensification

Lisa G.
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21 Nov 2016

Leaving another phase of treatment behind.

Delayed Intensification, phase 4, is over, woo hoo!

Unsurprisingly, Hugo and his daddy managed just fine with the blood transfusion. The colour is slowly returning to his cheeks and his energy levels that were so zapped during phase 4 are on the up again.

Henry and I had a great time with grandad at the Lion King.  It was lovely to be able to spend some time with my biggest little man, who is growing so quickly.  We all enjoyed a few days celebrating with family, friends, pizza and cake, very relieved that Henry's special time wasn't interrupted by hospital visits.

Hugo also seems to be growing up at a rapid rate and his confidence is still surprising me.  When the nurse came last week to take his blood and do the last dose of cytarabine, he decided he didn't need to sit on my lap, he was just fine sitting in his chair, playing with his cars.  I felt quite lost, but so very proud at the same time.

We are now in a treatment break.  Hugo needs time to recover from the intensity of phase 4.  His bloods need to reach a certain level before maintenance can start on 18 January.  So, for the moment we are going to enjoy the little break.  I will try not to worry about what maintenance has in store and just be thankful that we can now wave goodbye to the most intensive part of Hugo's treatment plan.  This is what we've been working towards.  On the rare occasions that we've allowed ourselves to look further than one day at a time, this is where we have looked to.  It's been an incredibly difficult 6 months both physically for Hugo and emotionally for all of us, but we've done it, he's done it.  My amazing little man  has a long way to go, but boy has he come a long way.  Go go little Hugo!

7 January 2016

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