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Calm Before The Storm

Dom G
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30 May 2012

Hi folks

I’ll start with an apology.  To the two or three of you who read this blog, I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while.  I have no reasonable excuse – I’ve been taking it easy since the marathon, enjoying life as much as possible, and not thinking too hard about the challenges ahead. 

I must admit that I’ve enjoyed my final rest before the long, hard miles begin.  I’ve seen a few friends get married, celebrated my birthday, partly decorated the living room and – of course – watched my beloved City win the league.  It feels like time well spent.  I’ve not been taking exercise or nutrition too seriously, which to be honest is beginning to show, but in the last few days my mind has slowly been turning back to the wonderful and daunting challenge that lies ahead. 

About 15 minutes ago I got a phonecall from the bike shop.  My new ride will be built by the end of tomorrow and I need to pick it up before the weekend.  Suddenly the embers of the marathon are reignited and the fire is burning again. 

The work must start again now, only this time the training will be harder and more intense.  Over the course of this summer I’m aiming to cycle Lands End to John O’Groats and take part in the Alpine Challenge, run coast to coast along Hadrian’s Wall, and do a triathlon or two.  By September the Leading Light Campaign will be well underway, and if I am to do it justice I will need to be fitter than I’ve ever been.

My fitness is the only aspect of this that’s under my relative control (injury aside), but that’s both the beauty and the challenge of this campaign – ultimately, it doesn’t matter how fit I am, because this challenge is about you, not me.  In fact, it’s about ‘us’.  It’s about working out what contribution we can each make, and working together to make those contributions matter. 

The story starts here.  I have no idea where it will take us, but I hope we reach £1million. Beyond money, I hope it’s a story that people want to be part of, and makes us believe that together we really can make things better. 

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share a few reflections on getting myself in the right shape for what lies ahead, so I’m sorry it advance for moaning about my back, or my hip, or whatever.  I’m also going to share a few ideas about how we might join all our lights together and lead the way. 

Please see these pages as your own.  Leave any comments, or ask any questions you like – it’s time we got the conversation going.  

Yours, in impending pain,



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