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Cancer: 2 Million Reasons Campaign

Mil Vukovic-Smart
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09 Sep 2014

We are delighted to announce that Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research is today joining leading UK cancer charities under an umbrella campaign to call for political parties to make cancer a priority in the 2015 General Election and beyond.

There are currently two million people living with, or having survived, cancer in the UK.[1] This means that there are two million reasons for the next Government to make cancer a priority. This figure is likely to increase in the future.

There are 38,000 newly diagnosed blood cancer patients each year. In the 53 years since we began this journey as a blood cancer charity, we have made some world leading discoveries. Today, we continue to develop new ways of working to beat blood cancer, such as our innovative Trials Acceleration Programme that helps more patients get on clinical trials and access the newest medicines. But more progress is needed to give patients the best possible outcomes, in line with the best in Europe.[2]

Through the Cancer: 2 million reasons campaign we are calling on all political parties to commit to improving research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for people affected by cancer today and in the future.

Over the next eight months we will be sharing data and stories from us and other charities on what we do to improve patient outcomes and make cancer a priority on political agenda.

For more information about the campaign and how to get involved please visit

[1] Maddams et al. (2009) Cancer Prevalence in the UK: estimates for 2008, British Journal of Cancer, 101:541-547

[2] De Angelis R, Sant M, Coleman MP, et al. (2013) Cancer survival in Europe 1999-2007 by country and age: results of EUROCARE-5– a population-based study, The Lancet, 15(1):23-34



It is so important that this is a priority, there are so many opportunities for patients' lives to be improved and the UK leads the way in many areas, especially blood cancers.

Thanks Mil.


Why not more than 2 million reasons to campaign?

Ellie Dawes

Hello Nick, thanks for commenting on this blog!

The 'two million reasons' title of this campaign is a reference to the two million people living with, or having survived, cancer in the UK. This large number is a powerful reminder to MPs of the impact of cancer on the people they represent.

Of course, we also hope that our work against blood cancer, and the work of other UK cancer charities, can be of global benefit to millions more cancer patients! Take a look at this blog from Dr Matt Kaiser, our head of research about how we're making our research findings widely available to all.