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From Celine Dion to Metallica: The most inspiring and unique playlist ever

Ellie Dawes
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Ellie Dawes
08 Apr 2014

At the moment I am really enjoying being part of the busy team at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research planning our annual Impact Day. This week I had a conversation with Jason, our supporter care manager, about choosing some music to play in the exhibition space during the breaks between talks. We thought we'd ask our supporters on Facebook what sort of music they find inspiring and uplifting.

We had song suggestions from patients, family members of patients, people who have lost someone close to them, supporters and staff. I wanted to share with you just a few of my favourite answers because I think the playlist showcases the sheer variety of amazing people who fundraise for us, and who we fundraise for. You can read all the responses and join the discussion on Facebook, and you can listen to the full playlist with all suggested tracks, from Paloma Faith to Monty Python, on Spotify here

Kayleigh chose Happy by Pharrell Williams

"My 5 month old girl, who has leukaemia, loves Happy. Always makes her smile."


Carla chose Ain't no mountain high enough sung by the Rockchoir

"My mum's favourite song. She lost her battle with AML last year but this song always kept her going xx"


Lisa chose Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

"My uplifting songs are Pharrell Happy..... Or Summertime, Fresh Prince and Jazzy. After 4 years of Hodgkin's they are the perfect pick me up! Xx"


Helen chose I'm a Survivor by Destiny's Child

"I'm a Survivor by Destiny's Child? I'm 6 months after stem cell transplant for Hodgkin's Lymphoma x"


Leanne chose Highway to Hell by ACDC

"My 4 yr old son has just been diagnosed with leukaemia and his 2 favourite songs are Iron man- Black Sabbath and Highway to Hell- AC/DC"


Lindsey chose Seek and Destroy by Metallica

"Bit random and out there but our friend Dave suggested this track before Paul started his chemo."


Helen chose What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

My Dad had AML and if he was still here to choose I think it would have been What A Wonderful World. All the very very best to you or your loved ones facing these diseases at the moment x


Louise chose Brand New Day by Joshua Radin

"I've had 5 years of brand new days since SCT for Hodgkins :)"


Lynn chose Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

"My daughter gave her bone marrow to my son. At his wedding he danced with her to the song Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion. Love that song."


Liz chose Wild Theme (Local Hero) by Mark Knofpler

"I have two songs and I know that this is greedy but here goes I want to break free by Queen and the other is Wild Theme by Mark Knofpler, we had this played at his funeral as it was a favourite of his and he would play it when he needed to think."


Thank you so much for your suggestions, we will be using many of these to play at Impact Day to inspire you all! Are we missing your favourite tune? Post your suggestion in a comment below and I will add them to the Spotify playlist.

If you still need to register to come along to Impact Day, please register online here.



"Lovely Day" by Bill Withers

Ellie Dawes

A classic choice, love this song. I have added it to the Spotify playlist!


Summertime by either Sarah Vaughan or the Fresh Prince... too very differnt songs but both firm favourites of mine. Just don't be in the room with me if the Fresh Prince version comes on!

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