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Challenge 4: Mortimer 10k Tick!!

Paul C
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28 Sep 2014

Today I completed the Mortimer 10k road race in my home village.

This was a very late entry in the list of challenges but I could hardly not take part! I decided 3 weeks ago to take part and today came round all too quickly. It was a beautiful autumnal morning, sunshine, cool and misty which very quickly turned to beautiful sunshine and very hot. 

One of my oldest friends Simon asked me a week ago if I was running with anyone and I said no. "You are now!" was the reply and I'm so immensely grateful to him for travelling down from Birmingham to support me. It was exactly what I needed; he stayed with me just setting a perfect pace. Just before the 7k mark the dreaded cramps kicked in and I insisted he ran on ahead. The next 1k is a tough tough climb all the way but I was soon up and over it and into the final straight. I made it back in 1 hour 3 minutes so very pleased with that.

There was an earlier race for under 16s, a 3k race round the village and I was so proud and in awe of my 6 and 4 year old sons for running continuously and without stopping to complete the distance (with my wife in attendance) in 20 and 22 minutes respectively. Respect!

Now, prep for Challenge 5 starts.....



Well done Paul!

An hour and three minutes is really good going and you should be really proud of that! So nice of your mate Simon to join you. My cousins did the same for Run to the Beat and it made an enormous difference to me. Keep doing what you're doing - you're a real inspiration to all your fellow CMLers!

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