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Challenge 5: Ready As I'll Ever Be!

Paul C
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15 May 2015

One week to go before the 130 mile Coast to Coast bike ride...

I last blogged about my next challenge at the beginning of January at the start of my training for the Coast to Coast cycle ride. I felt very unprepared and daunted by the challenge and the first few weeks merely confirmed what I felt in that I had bitten off much more than I could chew. When I rode the London 52 mile Bikeathon last year my awesome brother in law Malcolm joined me for the Richmond leg of it and I told him I was doing the C2C; he said "Make sure you get some saddle hours in..."

I've clocked up 624 km of training since then and that's where the mental battle comes to the fore. I'm still very much daunted by the task ahead but I've done a lot of prep and I'm really looking forward to the end of next week. This would have been a near impossible scenario without the support and camaraderie of my fellow challengers Craig Hoile and Tom Stockwell. It's incredibly humbling to have two friends who are prepared to give up their time and leave to support this challenge.The prospect of real ale and red wine along the way helps.

Why am I doing this?  My treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia involves a daily 'chemo' tablet; a magic bullet which prevents this hateful disease from, let's be blunt, killing me. It's fair to say if I had been diagnosed 10-15 years ago my prospects would have been grim but I have hopes for a normal life expectancy. I'm lucky, I have this treatment, but for lots of leukaemia (blood cancer) patients the outlook is not so fortunate.

The accompanying attachment is a photo of all the  blister packs containing a 'magic bullet' that I've taken since diagnosis, Why keep them you might ask? I keep them as a reminder of every day of life given back to me by the researchers and fundraisers and medics and supporters and sponsors and friends and family; all of you, who are doing amazing things to help people like me. Let's give all blood cancer patients the same opportunities of hope that I enjoy.

If you can please support.

Thank you


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Go for it Paul! Hope you are getting well rested now (taper, right?). Will be keeping fingers crossed for dry, cool weather and a bit of a tailwind all the way, and no punctures. Hope you manage to enjoy it :-)


Good luck Paul! We'll all be rooting for you! You'll have to keep us updated along the way but we know that you're going to absolutely smash the challenge. So, so proud of you buddy!

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