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Challenge 5:Training Starts

Paul C
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10 Jan 2015

In May, my next challenge is to cycle the Coast to Coast route from Sunderland to Whitehaven. Time to start training.

My last challenge was last September when I ran the Mortimer 10k. Since then I've had a bit of a struggle with what I think are side effects of my medication but in any case I've done nothing in terms of training or challenges since then. I find it hard to accept that sometimes I need to take a break or slow down so have been hard on myself for not having done anything for quite a while. Christmas has been and gone and I can no longer hide from the fact that I have to prepare for what will be my toughest challenge to date; the Coast to Coast (C2C) cycle ride in May.

I'm very fortunate again in that I won't be alone. In the last year Janet, the boys and I have had phenomenal support from friends in our village. Kate, Tom, Lesley and Craig have picked us up so many times and been there particularly since my diagnosis and Tom and Craig decided they wanted to join me on the C2C.

A few weeks ago, the three of us had a brilliant planning session with a mountain of maps and routes and planned the whole 3 day event down to the last detail. My forgetting to bring a notepad and one or two glasses of Shiraz meant we had to have another planning session last week. This we duly did and the realization sunk in that this was a serious undertaking and needed significant preparation. 

The biggest hurdle with training is the mental battle. I trained regularly over the last couple of years running 5k once a week. At the moment I couldn't do it, certainly not on my own and so the mental battle started. If I can't run 5k now how will I ever be able to cycle the 136 miles (over the North Pennines and Lakeland territory) of the C2C? The lightbulb moment came last week when I realized that actually running 3k in a couple of circuits of the common was a pretty good start which would then lead on to longer and incrementally beneficial training. Twenty minutes is so much better than zero minutes. So, training has started, a couple of 3k runs and a 13k bike ride to open the account. All manageable and a massive mental boost. We'll keep you posted as our training progresses.

Come on Coast to Coast, we'll be ready for you!



Hi Paul,

Great to hear from you as always! Totally understand your frustrations about getting tired and having to take a break and also can relate to you on the fitness stakes! My levels have dropped dramatically after a prolonged break over Christmas and I'm dreading getting back into it!

You've done the hardest part though by getting back out there and you're building it up slowly which is important. I know that you'll rise to the challenge as you have with every other obstacle that you've overcome in the last year. Keep us updated and do let us know if we can help at all - we've got contacts with a lot of people who can give you some expert tips.

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